Should we bring back capital punishment?

For those of you that don’t know what capital punishment is, the other term for it is the “death penalty” . This penalty was of course abolished in the UK some time ago now (1998 to be precise). However, some people feel that in some cases it should be brought back and to be honest with you, I completely agree. I feel that all peadophiles, rapists, domestic abusers and killers should be sentnced to capital punishment. I’ve always believed that if you commit a ghastly crime such as rape or murder, you loose your right to live on this earth. Of course, sometimes there are mitigating circumstances to some crimes committed. For example,if you are discovered to have severe mental health issues, then the death penalty would be far too harsh! But other than that,I feel that every murderer, rapist and any other scumbag on this earth should be sentenced to death and left to rot!

There are some people that argue that putting the criminal to death wouldn’t be any form of justice. In some respects I agree, I know that if I were a victim of an attack or my girlfriend was raped I would much rather see the criminal live with what they’ve done and forever be reminded of the hurt and pain they’ve caused. However, you could argue that prison isn’t justice either, if the scum that commit these crimes go to prison, they get a roof over their heads, three meals a day, TV provided for them if they behave well as well as other privadges, what sort of punishment is this?! it’s as if they’re living in a hotel!

For the victims of such horrible crimes or the families of the victims, I have no doubt in my mind that there would be a lot of satisfaction and even releif going through them if they saw the man/woman responsible for their crime getting hung or shot! However, for some, the death penalty is the cowards way out, the criminals die rather than live with what they’ve done , which I agree with in some ways. However, I know that I’d feel a lot safer knowing that the criminal was no longer able to get to me, not even from the inside, unless they have telephones down in hell of course!

There are both good and bad sides to the death penalty. I very much doubt it will be re-instated anytime soon, in fact, it probably won’t come back at all! I know I wouldn’t mind seeing a few scumbags hung but it looks as though them being locked up will have to satisfy us all for now.


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