Has technology and social media turned us into an unsocial society?

Social media has many different benifits to many different types of people. For example, as a blogger and musician, it has beocme my best friend when promoting my posts and compositions. Also, sites like Facebook allow us to find new friends and keep in contact with current ones. Teenagers would never be able to live without it! The normal routine in society nowadays is to wake up, eat then go on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etcetera. People these days spend more time cooped up in the hous using technology than they do going outside, the parks are virtually empty these days, no children playing on the swings making tons of noise and laughing, this is a rather depressing fact of life.

Because we’re so busy looking down at our phones, we miss countless opportunities to interact with the people around us. Families in this generation are more comfortable communicating through text than they are speaking to eachother face to face. It shocks me when you see couples on first dates spending more time with their heads buried in their phones than talking to eachother, no wonder relationships these days don’t last! We have become slaves to the technology we mastered, always putting our phones, a meaningless peice of technology, before our loved ones!

When I was a child, I wouldn’t need technology to occupy me! I would just have some colouring pens, a book and an imagination, I’d have the climbing frame at the local park! Nowadays, the only way to shut a child up is to chuck an Ipad in front of them with temple run loaded up! What’s happened to seeing kids covered in mud and grazes on their kneees after playing a game of football all afternoon with every kid in the nieghbourhood?

If this sort of culture carries on then we’re going to become a recluse, unsocial and unfriendly society. I know I don’t want to live in a society like this. Do you?

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