Prison? More like holiday camp!

Over the years, there have been more and more criminals re-offending just so they can get back into prison. I have found myself asking why this is, I mean, who in their right mind would want to go back to prison, being locked down for 23 hours a day? Only recently have I found the answer to this quesiton. The reason so many criminals want to go back to prison is because they get treated better in prison than they do in the outside world!

Prisons are far too soft nowadays, prisoners who are well behaved get telivisions and games consoles in their cells! It’s less like a prison and more like a holiday camp, some of the people that occupy these prisons have comitted unimaginable crimes! rapes,murders, armed robberies etc and it feels to me as if they are being rewarded for these crimes rather than punished for them, I though prison was supposed to deter crime not encourage the scumbags to come back for more!

If it was down to me, prisoners would get only the necessary things to survive. Food,water,clothes to wear and some fresh air, after all that is all they really deserve and some of them don’t even deserve to be breathing so they’re lucky! How can the government expect crime and re-offending rates to go down if they are making prison such a nice place to be, you might as well stick the lot of them in a five star hotel, oh wait, it looks like already ARE in a five star hotel!

The bottom line is, if prisons were sticter and didn’t have all of these games consoles and what not then there wouldn’t be sucha  high re-offending rate because the criminals wouldn’t want to go back!


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