Have Blackberry made the right choice in rolling BBM out to Iphone and Android?

BBM logoBlackberry Messenger or BBM was one of the fastest growing instant messaging services for any smartphone in the world. It has been a big hit for teenagers and adults alike around the world. The Blackberry phone was originally designed to fit the needs of businessmen/women because it had fast internet, lots of storage and was easy to use but since the release of BBM the phone has become a popular hit with teenagers.

However, teenagers and adults no longer have to chuck away their IPhones and Androids just because they want BBM because the IM application is now available for download on the IOS and Android systems. From my perspective as a teenager who wants to be able to communicate with all of his friends without having to worry about going over my credit limit and costing my parents loads of money, the fact that I can now get BBM on my IPhone is great and the fact that it is free is even better!

Although having BBM on IPhone is great for me and most of my friends, it may not have been the best move for Blackberry in general and I’m going to tell you why. Blackberry are already struggling for money as it is and BBM was a great money spinner for them and it also gave them an edge over the competition and persuaded more people to buy their device. Now, they no longer have an edge because they have literally given it away to their rivals. By doing this, they have lost their USP (unique selling point) and have also made it easier for Apple and Android because they no longer have to worry about sorting out their own IM service because they have BBM.

Further, Because downloading BBM for IPhone and Android is free, Blackberry aren’t gaining anything for rolling it onto the other app stores, they are just losing money and losing customers. I don’t think that Blackberry are going to be around much longer, they are either going to be brought out by another big company like Apple or Android or they are just going to end up on the ever growing list of companies going into liquidation and this is all because they chose to give away what could possibly have been their one and only hope of surviving. Who knew that one simple messaging application could be the potential downfall of such a big company?


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