Is it even worth Mairead Philpot and Paul Moseley appealing against their 17 year sentence?

Mairead and mark philpotIn May 2012, disaster struck the town of Allenton, Derby as six children perished in a horrific house fire. At the time of the fire, it was deemed a tragic accident but as fire investigators and police started trying to come up with a viable explanation for the incident, it was clear that the fire was started deliberately. The police didn’t know who had started the fire and launched an investigation to find the sick and twisted arsonist that ended the lives of six young children.

The parents of these children Mark and Mairead Philpot took part in countless public appeals, begging anyone to come forward if they had any information to help the police with the investigation. The pair of them would sit in that press meeting crying their eyes out throughout the whole thing and to the naked eye these two people seemed like genuine grief-stricken parents whose lives would never be the same without their children.

However, this whole situation was dramatically turned on its head as the police dug deeper and deeper into what caused the fire. It turned out that Mark. Mairead and a family friend (Paul Moseley) had started the fire to kill the six innocent children in the house. Mark was sentenced to life imprisonment and Mairead and Paul were sentenced to 17 years on the charge of manslaughter.

Now, after more than a year on and also after once unsuccessful attempt, Paul Moseley and Mairead Philpot are yet again appealing against their seventeen year sentence. I fail to see how they would even think of appealing,They killed six children and they done it deliberately! It just makes me sick to my stomach that they are trying to get their sentences cut down, surely they should know that no judge in their right mind would even consider reducing the sentence? The case papers wouldn’t even get looked at for Christ’s sake!

However, for some stupid reason, an actual date has been set for Mairead and Paul to appear in court and argue their case. I know exactly what they are going to say as well “We are very sorry for what we did and we really regret it and are very remorseful”, Well guess what? Saying sorry and being regretful doesn’t cover it AT ALL!

I fail to see how a court can even give them public attention? they don’t deserve any of that, all they deserve is to rot in jail for the rest of their sorry lives and be haunted by what they have done. The date for the appeal is 29th November and don’t worry if their appeal gets accepted, I’m going to have plenty to say about it!



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