Will we ever find Madeline McCann?

Madeline McCannThe third of May 2007, this was the date of the tragic event in which 3 year old Madeline McCann was abducted from her holiday hotel in Portugal. The Metropolitan Police have been investigating her disappearance for years and are still doing everything they can to try and find Madeline even though the Portuguese authorities have dropped the investigation.

part of me can see why the MPS are still investigating the abduction, they want to give the McCann family some closure so they can put this tragic event in the past and move on. However, another part of me can also see why Portuguese authorities have dropped the investigation, its been six years since Madeline’s disappearance and she still hasn’t been found, I know you should never give up but lets be brutally honest here, even if Madeline is found (which, unfortunately is highly unlikely) there is a very slim chance she will be found alive.

This may be hard for some people to understand but it is the cold, hard truth. I know that Kate and Gerry are looking for closure and really desperately want their daughter found but it’s been too long to be able to build a proper trail of Madeline’s movements and even if the police were to try, the crime scene would’ve been corrupted by other visitors.

Almost everyday, you hear of people claiming to have seen Madeline alive and well but there is no solid evidence to back up the witness’ story. For all we know, the witness claiming to see Madeline alive could’ve just seen a random girl in the street that happens to be around the same age as Madeline. I want Madeline found as much as anyone but the truth of the matter is, she is not going to be found anytime soon because like I said, it’s been six years since her disappearance which is far too long to be able to build a proper case with solid intelligence and forensic evidence. Further, the fact that Madeline was three years old when she was kidnapped and would be nine years old now means that her abductors have had enough years to convince Madeline that they are her parents and that Kate and Gerry don’t exist so even if she is found, she won’t remember her real parents anyway.

The bottom line is, there is very slim chance of Madeline being found and her parents and the rest of her family should just put it in the past where it belongs and try and move on with their lives. I know it’s easy for me to say that sitting here behind a computer safe and sound but it is the cold, hard truth. As sad as it is to admit, Madeline McCann is lost forever.


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